Hidden Disability Lanyards & Hidden Disability Products

In 2016 our team designed the highly recognisable, hidden disability sunflower lanyard following a request to create a lanyard to help discreetly identify and be available to assist customers with hidden disabilities.

Available Products - Business To Business Sales Only

We currently offer the following hidden disability items - additionally we are able to produce a range of other products branded with the iconic sunflowers design such as silicone wristbands, wrist straps, luggage straps and more.


Hidden Disability Lanyard - Sunflower Lanyard

Pin Badges

Hidden Disability Pin Badge - Sunflower Pin Badge

Awareness Ribbon

Hidden Disability Awareness Ribbon - Sunflower Awareness Ribbon


Hidden Disability Awareness Ribbon - Sunflower Awareness Ribbon

Frequently Asked Questions

  • + How can I buy one lanyard?
    As a business to business supplier and to prevent any abuse of the scheme we do not sell direct to individual customers; they must be purchased by a participating business who should then offer them free to their customers.

    Individuals can get a lanyard FREE OF CHARGE on request from any participating airport, supermarket or other business taking part in the scheme. We have included below the names and websites of organisations participating in this scheme.

    Please direct any questions about how to get an individual lanyard or their participation in the scheme directly to these organisations. They will be able to assist with your enquiry and any questions you might have.
  • + How can a business or organisation get involved in the scheme?
    We can supply either plain unbranded products with our sunflower design to any business wishing to be part of the scheme, or, subject to minimum order quantities, create a branded version with your logo or design.
  • + What hidden disability items do you offer?
    Our current range includes lanyards, pin badges, awareness style ribbons and silicone wristbands - all shown below.

    Additionally, our parent company, Ribbonworks Ltd. produces a range of custom branded products such as wriststraps, multifunctional bandanas, printed cards and more. We can reproduce our sunflowers design on any of these products should they be relevant to your business or organisation.
  • + What companies or organisations are participating in the scheme?
    There are a wide range of organisations participating from airports, supermarkets and train companies to NHS trusts and many smaller businesses.

    Please direct any questions about how to get an individual lanyard/badge or their participation in the scheme directly to these organisations.
  • + My local supermarket is not participating. What can I do?
    Some supermarkets are running trials in selected stores only. If your local store is not yet taking part we suggest contacting both the local store and the head office to suggest they get involved.

    Feel free to pass out our contact details to your local store - we are happy to advise stores on how they can get involved.

Logos & Artwork

We can supply web or print graphics to any business participating in the scheme for use on posters, websites or apps promoting the scheme. Please contact us.